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Company’s own fleet includes comfortable, fast and money-saving business jets, ready to take you to your destination in a few hours. You can order a plane for the flight to any part of the world. We offer you two private “middle size” aircraft with exclusive rights of use for the order of commercial flights from Moscow's Vnukovo airport:

Citation XLS

Citation XLS  — brought into operation in 2006, reactive business-jet Citation XLS is an evolution of the most successful business class aircraft and best-selling aircraft among middle class. The cabin is completely reequipped and better meets the requirements of luxury class of such planes as Sovereign and Citation X.

CRJ 200 LR

CRJ-200LR — aircraft is designed to hold 50 passengers in a 4-abreast configuration with a lavatory and galley as standard equipment.

JetStar Company is rightfully considered one of the leaders on the domestic market of business aviation. We have achieved success through special perception of flights: in our work we focus not on the number of passengers, but on the excellent service and total satisfaction of our customers’ needs.

It should be noted that no matter what business jet you choose, we will provide a VIP service before, during and after the flight. You will be able to hit the road only three or four hours after you have placed the order. If, due to the workload, all aircrafts are unavailable in Moscow, we will offer you a plane from a nearby region. You can also use a wide range of additional services of our company, including transfer to the airport and hotel booking in any city of the world.

You can order a plane right now! Fill out the form on our website or contact a company consultant to ask questions and work out an individual flight route.

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