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Global Express XRS

ACJ320: scope and status

Status requires much. To drive certain brands of cars, and use the special category of aircraft ... ACJ320 was established specially for the VIP-persons. The expensive luxury business jet, inside of which you have a feeling that you are in a large well-designed room with a variety of areas: for sleeping, eating, work, and leisure...

Faster Than The Wind

The speed advantage of twenty or thirty kilometers per hour is not always visible in the real flight. Adverse weather conditions can easily neutralize such an advantage. Meanwhile, famed aircraft Cessna Citation X are palpably faster than the competitors and indeed save time in the flights. Moreover, the developer company is doing everything possible to maintain the leadership and will soon submit a new version of the record holder — Citation Ten.

Affordable Luxury Of Flight

Whatever luxurious a limousine salon may be, its dimensions don’t allow to stand at a full height. To take another seat you would have to bend down. It would seem uncomfortable, but it never comes to a head to call luxury cars uncomfortable. Interior dimensions look natural, and the limitations are not so obvious.
It applies to the small class aircraft as well. Sometimes, these aircraft are not taken as very roomy or even cramped. But they cope successfully with the regional flights and can offer a decent ratio of comfort, price and functionality.

Elegant “Falcon”

A Patriarch of national aviation Andrei Nikolayevich Tupolev once said: “Beautiful aircraft always fly well.” The elegance of appearance and refinement of interior decoration have always been a hallmark of aircraft of the French company Dassault Falcon. The new model 2000LX proves convincingly the correctness of the legendary aircraft designer.

Time Of Composites

Composite glider possesses a number of undeniable advantages such as lower frontal resistance, durability, ease of construction. All these advantages allow to reduce the cost of operation and maintenance of an aircraft, cut down the number of technical inspections, save on engines power and the cost of consumed kerosene.

Affordable Luxury Of Flight

Do you want to become an owner of a private plane? You can try this role exactly for the time you need! It is possible thanks to the company JetStar, one of the leading companies in the business aviation market. CEO and the founder of Jetstar, Sergei Pashkov will tell us about all the fine points of the company’s work, the roses onboard and the possibilities of business flights. We will be dreaming of the flight with this company, and who knows, maybe just that very dream will become a reality for you. Fasten your seat belts, we take off.

Golden Mean

Middle class business jets are in high demand among Russian customers. One of the reasons of such a preference is an optimal combination of functionality, comfort as well as costs on purchase and maintenance. Planning a short- distance flights the best choice would be to use this aircrafts, weather to go for a business to Europe or with a family and friends to the sea. They are capable to carry up to 9 passengers on board to distances from 1 865 to 3 107 miles (30 to 50 hundred kilometers) at the speed of 497-528 miles per hour (800-850 km/h).
article is devoted to three middle class aircrafts, namely, Hawker 900XP, Learjet 60XR and Citation XLS+...

Birds Of Passage

Long-range business jets are able to make round-the-world travel with only three refuellings. This aircraft can hold up in the sky for about 12-14 hours, and will be rather interesting to those who flies for long distances. Quite a spacious cabin and an opportunity to carry on board up to 19 passengers make top Jets attractive to both private individuals and corporations.

And though the number of models of “hauliers” is not as great as, for example, airplanes of large- and middle-class, it’s still difficult to make a choice. Within the race of technology, each manufacturer tried to take into account the successes of the opponent and create new, more sophisticated systems.

In this article we will dwell on one of the long-range business jets — Gulfstream G550.We will tell the fascinating story of his conquests, show differences from classmates and represent the first detailed calculation of operating costs and loan payments.

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