Phenom 100

Phenom 100 is an extralight business jet of Brazilian aviabuilding company Embraer. This jet is all-purpose and suitable for a wide range of tasks. Phenom 100 provides passengers with an exclusively high level of comfort with excellent technical and operational characteristics and overall efficiency in work.

Elements of Phenom 300 have been used in the Phenom 100 construction. They differ only in cabin and wing configuration. Ultra-light jet is capable to carry up to four people and deliver them to the distance of 1335 miles (2150 km). The aircraft is designed for a short takeoff run and capable to rise to a height of 12500 m.

  • частный самолет фото: Phenom 100
  • частный самолет фото: Phenom 100
  • частный самолет фото: Phenom 100
number of seats: 6
luggage capacity: 15 m3
range: 2148 km
Running characteristics
maximum speed: 722 km/h
possible altitude: 12497 m
Specifications airport
takeoff distance: 1036 m
landing distance: 823 m
Internal (cab) External
height: 15 m height: 44 m
length: 335 m length: 127 m
width: 155 m wingspan: 123 m

Grey area with a black outline on the world map represents the total range of a business jet from Moscow.

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