Eclipse 500

Eclipse 500 opens a new class of super light business jets — Very Light Jet. The developers staked on the aircraft safety and efficiency — the main qualities for air taxi. Eclipse 500 is equipped with onboard computers, modern control system and satellite navigation, what allows to fly in all weather conditions. Moreover, the aircraft can be exploited and operate from short runways at small airports. To take off the plane virtually the same runway like for propeller-driven airplanes is required.

  • частный самолет фото: Eclipse 500
  • частный самолет фото: Eclipse 500
  • частный самолет фото: Eclipse 500
number of seats: 5
luggage capacity: 4 m3
range: 2084 km
Running characteristics
maximum speed: 685 km/h
possible altitude: 12497 m
Specifications airport
takeoff distance: 714 m
landing distance: 686 m
Internal (cab) External
height: 127 m height: 34 m
length: 376 m length: 102 m
width: 142 m wingspan: 116 m

Grey area with a black outline on the world map represents the total range of a business jet from Moscow.

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