Falcon 50EX

Falcon 50EX is a long-distance administrative reactive jet, developed by a French company Dassault Aviation. Falcon 50EX 3-engine plane is based on one of first business-jet planes Falcon 20. Falcon 50EX is a modern modification with more economical engines TFE731-40, extended flying range and Collins Pro Line 4 avionics. Economical engines and excellent aerodynamics allow to operate non-stop flights on more than 5500 km.

  • частный самолет фото: Falcon 50EX
  • частный самолет фото: Falcon 50EX
  • частный самолет фото: Falcon 50EX
number of seats: 10
luggage capacity: 25 m3
range: 5695 km
Running characteristics
maximum speed: 850 km/h
possible altitude: 14000 m
Specifications airport
takeoff distance: 1437 m
landing distance: 668 m
Internal (cab) External
height: 185 m height: 698 m
length: 716 m length: 1852 m
width: 18 m wingspan: 1886 m

Grey area with a black outline on the world map represents the total range of a business jet from Moscow.

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