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Brought into operation in 2006, reactive business-jet Citation XLS is an evolution of the most successful business class aircraft and best-selling aircraft among middle class. The cabin is completely reequipped and better meets the requirements of luxury class of such planes as Sovereign and Citation X. The aircraft has two engines Pratt& Whitney PW545C with the system FADEC. It manages engines and allows limiting workload on the crew during the flight. This airplane suits perfectly for middle range flights across Central and East Europe, Russia and CIS.

Despite of its small size, the cabin is ergonomic enough and comfortable for up to 8 passengers. Mounted opposite each other, sleeperettes transform into berths. Luggage compartment, volume of 2,5 cubic meters, is isolated and located in the tail of the plane (stern). Moreover, Satellite phone, a stereo system, liquid crystal monitors and CDs/DVD-players are available onboard.

  • частный самолет фото: Citation XLS
  • частный самолет фото: Citation XLS
  • частный самолет фото: Citation XLS
registration number: YU-SPB
manufacturing year: 2008
oven: +
smoking: -
number of seats: 8
luggage capacity: 25 m3
range: 3400 km
Running characteristics
maximum speed: 750 km/h
possible altitude: 13716 m
Specifications airport
takeoff distance: 1085 m
landing distance: 969 m
Internal (cab) External
height: 173 m height: 467 m
length: 564 m length: 1402 m
width: 168 m wingspan: 1356 m

Grey area with a black outline on the world map represents the total range of a business jet from Moscow.

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