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Affordable Luxury Of Flight

Do you want to become an owner of a private plane? You can try this role exactly for the time you need! It is possible thanks to the company JetStar, one of the leading companies in the business aviation market. CEO and the founder of Jetstar, Sergei Pashkov will tell us about all the fine points of the company’s work, the roses onboard and the possibilities of business flights. We will be dreaming of the flight with this company, and who knows, maybe just that very dream will become a reality for you. Fasten your seat belts, we take off.

Sky As A Fate. Continuing The Traditions

Sergei Pashkov is a nonrandom man in this business. He preserved the continuity of the profession in the third generation. The graduate of the Civil Aviation Academy in St. Petersburg. Upon the graduation he worked for an airline in Domodedovo airport, after that for “Eastline, and in late 1998 came to the business aviation. The departing point was the company “Aeroflot-plus”; in 2007 he set up with partners “Prime Air”. Gained experience, he headed his brainchild, JetStar, in 2010. The company deals with business aviation, aircraft leasing, service when buying an aircraft, provides service on airplane management, helping private owners to reduce the cost of flights by attracting clients to their boards, and cost optimization.

Secret Of Success

I have never saved on staff salaries, which allows the company to have the most qualified personnel available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company’s motto: “Never say ‘no’ to the client.” Under this motto, we make the main bet not on the number of clients, but on the quality of service, efficiency and comfort. It is important to us to work with a client directly, without agents. That is why our office is located in Vnukovo airport, where all the flights are carried out from. Also we perform flights from other airports of Moscow. I personally accompany and meet passengers, and learn firsthand about their impressions of the flight and wishes for the future. Quite often, questions of buying the aircraft are discussed immediately after the flight.

Your Wishes — Our Work

The service requirements are very high. Before starting a flight a personal manager takes into account all the client’s wishes. Let’s start with catering. We cooperate with all the major restaurants in Moscow, starting with “Novikov catering”, “Pushkin” and ending with the world-famous restaurant brands. For you an individual menu can also be developed. Are you a fan of organic products? Ok, the menu will consist solely of eco-ingredients. The selection of alcoholic beverages is limited only by your own taste. Are you experiencing acts of God and going to be late? Ok, it’s not a cause for panic. We are waiting for you — not vice versa (of course, there are limits). You won’t be concerned with docking of flights, a delay for unknown reasons, and queues in customs areas. For business aviation flights there are special terminals at airports.

Do you need to hold negotiations in three European cities in a single day? We will prepare this flight; previously will reserve the Conference rooms at the airports of chosen cities.

Are You flying with your family and children? Welcoming stewardess will offer to children playing, watching DVD and will take care of your wife’s leisure.

Does your beloved want to become one of the first owners of a new fashion collection of Milan or Paris? No problem! We will help to arrange this.

Our company also carries out a medical transportation of people with diseases of varying severity, providing medical evacuation aircraft. A personal manager will specify a diagnosis of the patient; and according to it, a qualified doctor with required equipment will be onboard.

Are all aircraft in Moscow occupied in a rush day? We can offer aircraft from nearby regions. Possibilities of our company are limited only by the requirements of flight safety standard.

Price Issue

We have our own fleet of business jets, though we can find any aircraft that is not in our fleet. The prices depend on the size of the aircraft.

Small planes for 4-6 places will cost 2,5-3 thousand Euros per flight hour.

Medium 7 or 8 seats aircraft — 3-3,5 thousand Euros / flight hour.

Large aircraft, designed for 9-13 people, will cost 5-5,5 thousand Euros / flight hour.

A flight on long-haul aircraft with a capacity of 14-16 passengers — 7-7,5 thousand Euros / flight hour.

On average, we carry out 35-40 flights per month. Also 2 more aircraft of the middle class are in the process of delivery, which will allow us to increase the frequency and quality of flights.

Flight As An Expression Of Feelings

Our clients often use the services of the company to express the feelings to their loved ones. Preparing and servicing Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and just a romantic flights is especially pleasant for us. We decorate the salon with roses, and create an atmosphere of celebration and intimacy of the flight, cakes, champagne and music. It is stunningly beautiful.

We hope many of the readers of your magazine will be willing to become the clients and friends of our company, because, as you are convinced, with Jetstar the impossible is possible!


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